Golden Hour Engagement Photos at Great Plains Nature Center

Abby and Connor’s golden hour engagement photos at the Great Plains Nature Center capture the warmth, romance, and joy in their everyday kind of love. As free-spirited romantics, they share genuine smiles and laughter against the beautiful backdrop of nature. If your love story resonates with the connection and magic embodied by Abby and Connor, we would make a great team. Together, we can craft meaningful and authentic moments during your session.

Connor and Abby’s journey started in middle school, blossomed through high school, and now they’re tackling college together. Their upcoming wedding at Brick and Mortar in Wichita, Kansas this June is the exciting next chapter. When they discovered me on Instagram, they were drawn to the timeless vibe of my photos and how I capture those genuine, candid moments between couples. Abby couldn’t contain her excitement during our consultation call, especially when getting into the unique wedding photography experience I offer!


Golden hour engagement sessions hold a special place for me; the warm and creamy light produces magical images. Abby and Connor aimed to capture their shared joy and love and it beautifully translated into their photos. This session even sparked the booking of another couple who appreciated the authenticity. Abby’s preference for candid moments over structured poses aligned seamlessly with my photography style. Everything just fell into place perfectly.


“AHH, I AM LITERALLY CRYING. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! You are AMAZING! We love them and are so thankful to have you as our photographer!! Girl, you have some TALENT!”

I am truly honored to be in the running as your photographer for this significant moment. Rest assured, my commitment lies in capturing your story with a touch of timelessness, artistry, and emotion. Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of love and commitment, and my mission is to preserve these precious memories for you to cherish over the years. Allow me the privilege of making your day even more special and unforgettable! Ready to turn these moments into everlasting memories? Reach out through my contact form, and let’s start this exciting journey together!

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